WHO AM I?  Good question!  I've included a brief version (for those of you who know me ... it was difficult :) and the "grab a glass of wine or cup of tea version".  If you're asking "Who Am I" and you're referring to yourself ... congratulations on finding your way to the right place; I love helping people get to know who they are creatively (more about that in the wine/tea version).

If you prefer to hear the wine/tea version over an actual cup of tea (live and in technicolor person) contact me via email at or just pop into the store ... The Seventh Stone 45 Reed St. Coxsackie, NY 12051,
I'm there Mon-Thurs 3pm-8pm, Fri 2pm-7pm, & Sat 10am-5pm (Sundays by appointment).

I look forward to meeting you!

    I ...
  • have been an artist & loved rocks my entire life
  • design & handcraft jewelry    (for over 13 years)
  • am a member of MJSA - Jewelers of America
  • worked in the interior design industry for 15 years,
    including commercial & residential
  • design & sew custom window treatments (over 20 years)
  • believe self-expression is necessary for a balanced life
  • LOVE helping people tap into their own creativeness
My goal in life?  Be happy living on my own terms.
I achieve my goal daily and therefore, am  already a success.  As my husband  says "Success is a frame of mind".
Totally true, no one needs to validate you ... just BE.

                                THE WINE or TEA VERSION

First, about the store ... this is a totally new venture in my life and it's kind of like everything else has been leading up to this.  I don't want to just make & sell jewelry here at The Stone, I want it to be a place where people can explore their creativity.  I believe that we all have a need to express ourselves, today more than ever; it's a great way to relieve stress.  Everyone is artistic, they just need to find their medium, explore their gifts (we've all been gifted with creativity I think society just beats it out of people) and enjoy what they create without worrying about what people think.  My ultimate wish?  To make everyone an artist in their own right!  I love a challenge and I love to try something new or different every day.  I've had so many wonderful teachers/mentors in my life and so much of what I've learned so far on my journey is applicable to what I'm now doing at The Seventh Stone ... Jewelry, Framing, Window Treatments, Art, basically anything that lets me express who I am.  So, on to the "what's led me here" portion of the wine/tea version :)

My earliest memory is of me sitting
cross-legged on the top of my  Dad's desk.  The desk was on the 2nd floor of our little cape-cod-style house  in Bath, NY.  I was nestled in the crook where the eave met the wall and I was paging through pictures of dinosaur fossils.  My Dad still has those encyclopedias.

When I was 4, I remember being in the yard and picking up this really cool white rock.  I ran through the backdoor into our kitchen and showed the rock  to my Mom ... she chucked it out the door; it was sun-bleached cat poop, seriously.  I'm more careful about what I pick up now.

I've always loved art.  My Mom was an artist, my Dad is a storyteller of the first degree.  Conventionally, my Mom was a hairdresser (I consider that an extremely artistic profession...when I was 10 she took me to my first of many, Zotos hair show in Niagra Falls.  It was amazing, occasionally I still think about going to school for hair design) and my Dad taught  history, he started out in architecture and playing  trumpet in a band.  Is it any wonder that both of my brothers and I are creatively inclined.

Brief (haha) word about my parents and my family ... AWESOME.  When I was 9 we moved to a 20 acre farm (neither parent really knew much about farming, but they figured it out admirably) to "live off  the land".  My Mom, the best cook ever, could grow anything.  My Dad still misses my Mom; I think it was hardest on him when she passed.  Both of my brothers are EXCELLENT and married to wonderful, dynamic women.  I'm the proud aunt of 2 nieces and 2 nephews (each brother has one of each :)  I'm so grateful for my family.

I'm  also extremely grateful for my nuclear family, my incredibly talented husband, Ed and our adorable English bulldog, Woody (check out their pages while you're here).  We're very fortunate to have an incredible circle of friends; they are fun, supportive, creative and bring us great joy!

Like I said, life on my own terms.  I'm blessed, lucky, grateful, you name it.  Everything's not always perfect; for one thing, just because you think you know what  you want doesn't mean it's  the right choice.  You kind of need to let the Universe take you on your journey; after all, that's what life's about, the journey.